Eco and Ethical

Our Ethics

Our values are at the core of everything we do at FPUniformz. We are committed to environmental responsibility and social progress in a changing world. We offer sustainable garments that are not only ethically sound but also superior in quality and appearance.

We welcome our clients to come and see for themselves how we work in our Berwick-upon-Tweed facility, where we ensure safe and hygienic conditions for our staff and our planet.

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At FPUniformz, we care about our team members as individuals and uphold their employment rights. We have been offering the Berwick-upon-Tweed Living Wage since 2019 and we do not use zero-hour contracts; we give our staff members more paid holidays and sick leave than the legal minimum; and we are flexible with working hours to accommodate the personal needs of our employees. We also partner with suppliers who respect their workers and pay them a fair wage.

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We are committed to environmental issues and sustainable development and we take actions that reflect our values. We have eliminated paper from our production process, we reuse and reduce waste (our direct-to-screen machine avoids the use of films) and we entrust any remaining materials to certified companies for proper disposal. We encourage the use of 100% organic cotton, which is natural and GMO-free, consumes less water than conventional cotton and does not involve the use of chemicals in its production. All our inks are vegan and 100% phthalate free, we opt for recycled and/or fairtrade products whenever feasible and we have dryers approved by The Carbon Trust.

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Our company offers a variety of garments from producers who are certified by GOTS, Fairtrade and Fair Wear. These certifications guarantee that the production process of the textiles is organic, ethical and eco-friendly. GOTS is the world’s leading standard for organic textiles, covering the entire supply chain from farming to manufacturing. Fairtrade ensures that farmers and workers receive a fair price and decent working conditions. Fair Wear monitors and improves labour conditions in garment factories. All our suppliers are also approved by PETA as 100% vegan.