Our service allows you to focus on your core business while we handle the order processing and payment collection for you.

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Our service will allow pupils, students or parents to purchase online through a secure payment system.

How it works

Initial set up

As soon as your hoodie design is finalized, we’ll set up your customised online store and provide you with a special link that you can distribute to anyone.


You and your pupils, students and parents will have access to a dedicated online store for a limited period (typically 2 to 4 weeks) that we will agree on beforehand. There, students can select their preferred size, colour, customization, etc and pay for their order.


We will compile the orders and provide you with a summary on the final day. (The shop might remain open for a few more days to allow any late orders.)


All of the orders are printed and delivered together in one package. A printed summary is also provided in the box to help with the distribution to the students.

Get started

Before we can open your online shop, we need to know what will be on offer. Complete the form at the bottom of any of our category pages, we’ll send you a visual proof and be well on our way…