FPUniformz were kindly invited by Chris Storey down to Darlington Rugby Football Club to the launch of the Joma 2020 Teamwear Collection on Tuesday an invitation we were more than happy to accept even though it was a five-hour round trip. Starting in 1965 selling only footwear Joma has developed into one of the World’s leading Teamwear brands selling everything from Football kits to Running attire to Basketball jerseys. The prestige of the Joma brand is something we are thrilled to be linked up with and trusted to supply especially considering the vast array of sports the brand covers to the highest of quality. The design and detail put into not only the existing range but the products new for 2020 are what makes Joma so sought-after and world-renowned.

Upon arrival in Darlington, we were greeted by Chris who let us get settled in with some complimentary teas and coffees before presenting us with the New 2020 Teamwear Collection brochure. The brochure if you can call it that due to its sheer size is printed in a shimmering navy with gold detailing and is a staggering 408 pages of Teamwear and accessories that is basically everything you need kit out any sports club top to bottom. We were then given the grand tour of all the new and existing Teamwear in person and given a chance to have a feel of the fabrics and detailing.

We started with the new Joma styles for 2020 and one of the most striking ranges which stood out from the get-go was the Supernova II (Supernova 2), this V-neck t-shirt with sublimation printed front is available in a vast array of colours and has mesh fabric sides for increased breathability. It is one of those kits that no matter the club once you chose their colour-way (which no doubt Joma will do) and embroidered it with their crest it would look stunning and the added bonus is they have a zip hoodie which could be used as Travel wear or Leisurewear with he same design. Same can also be said for last years 2019 new addition which is still available and incredibly popular the Supernova I (Supernova 1) again having different garments available within the range with a vast colour selection its another really eye-catching product.

Following on from this we went through various other high-quality Sportswear including various tracksuits, rain jackets and shorts. The consistent theme throughout was that no matter the colour, sport or spec Joma has it covered. It truly is one the most extensive ranges I have ever come across, sometimes in the past, I have found that with quantity in some brands the quality or detailing can slide but this is certainly not the case with Joma. The thing I also like about the new Teamwear ranges Joma have released is they are not just churning out new lines for the sake of it they have put a lot of time and consideration into it all which was apparent from the stories we were told. The majority of the new ranges and tweaks to existing lines all have come about from end-user and distributor feedback which is such a solid foundation for business and something which I really admire.

After our tour around all the Teamwear ranges, we were treated to a spot of lunch and given free samples to take away with us, again a nice touch by Joma and gives us the chance to test and wear another product from their collection so we have even more product knowledge to pass on to our clients. In conclusion, I must say that as far as Teamwear goes this is one of the most extensive, colourful and high-quality collections we have had the pleasure of working with and we cant wait to share it with all of our clients. The great levels of stock and constant replenishments coupled with Jomas efficient distribution network make our job very easy for getting our customer’s orders in customised and out the door ready to wear making them one of our most highly recommended brands.

If you are interested in having a look at the full Joma 2020 Teamwear Collection the link will be just below and any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch for your personalised Teamwear quote.